The partner program in ePayCore allows you to earn money and increase the status of a partner, receiving more favorable conditions.

Referral program

Earn 25% of the system's profit.

A flexible partner program, unlike traditional e-commerce loyalty programs, allows partners to get more favorable terms.

Earn on system profits and get more cost-effective offers with the ePayCore leadership program.

Promote your affiliate link by attracting users and new business partners.

Referral deductions are paid only from transactions that are profitable for the system and are calculated based on the net profit of the system. Please note, that many methods of top-up and withdrawal available in ePayCore charge their own fees.

For example, if your referral has made an operation subject to ePayCore commission with the accounted fee of an external gateway, then the referral payments are calculated using the following formula:(fee - cost = net profit) and then 25% is accrued from net profit. Internal transaction fees don't include any additional fees.


Leadership program

  • Pro

    Your first step to profit

  • Partner


  • Leader

    Harmony of perfection

Pro - your first step to profit!

After registration in the system you automatically get the partner status "Start". Then, as your referral link progresses and your working capital increases, the level of your account will be upgraded to "Pro", "Partner" and "Leader" statuses.

Each new status implies an increase in discount, which will reduce top-up and withdrawal fees, thus increasing your earnings.

The "Pro" status is assigned to ePayCore users whose total turnover of partners invited by referral link is more than $10,000.

Advantages of the "Pro" status: 3% discount on commissions from top-up and withdrawal operations.

You've made the first step. But, don't stop on the way to your goal!



E-wallet ePayCore cooperates with cryptocurrency exchanges, exchange services, online shops and various business projects.

Below is a list of our official partners that can be interesting and useful to our users.

The most popular

Exchange services

Stock exchanges


Increase your income by attracting more business projects