Terms & Conditions

Using the services of ePayCore system, you automatically agree to the terms of the user agreement. Thereby you confirm that you have read the agreement and accept all paragraphs. In its turn, ePayCore service provider undertakes to fulfill all its obligations to the client in full and on time.

By registering an account, you automatically agree to all the rules and requirements of e-wallet ePayCore.

Verification of identity and bank card is only necessary if you want to top up and transfer funds from your wallet balance using Visa and MasterCard.

Verification of identity and bank card is required due to new requirements from bank acquiring service provider.

All provided documents are necessary to prevent fraudulent transactions using bank cards.

Verification rules:

⁃ Only person over 21 years old can be verified.
⁃ All provided scans and photos of documents must belong only to owner of account.
⁃ All provided scans and photos of documents must be of good quality and without cut edges.
⁃ The validity period of provided documents must be at least 6 months.

List of allowed documents for verification:

Identity verification:
- Passport.
- ID card.

Address verification:
⁃ Receipt for utility bills (gas, water supply, electricity).
⁃ Receipt for communication services (Internet, landline or mobile phone).
⁃ Bank/card account statement.
⁃ Confirmation from bank about an open account in your name.
⁃ Registration page from the passport.
⁃ Notification from the tax service.

Bank card verification:
⁃ Photos of the bank card from both sides.
⁃ First and last 4 digits of the bank card number must be visible on the photo.
⁃ Photo must be taken on a white sheet with the verification date and the name of the service.

- Selfie must be taken with a white sheet in hands and also handwritten verification date and the name of the service.

Regulations for the consideration of documents is up to 24 hours on weekdays.

Top-up using cryptocurrencies:

All incoming transactions pass AML - check.

If a transaction is determined to be high-risk, e-wallet ePayCore may suspend the transaction until additional verification.

All responsibility for high-risk transactions lies on the sender.

E-wallet ePayCore doesn’t accept high-risk cryptocurrency, all transactions sent from DarkMarket platforms and Mixers can lead to a complete loss of funds.